Graphic Card replacement?

So, I'm wanting to replace my current Graphics card. Which is a NVIDIA GeForce 6150E nForce 430. And I want to move to a GeForce GTX 650. BUt I read in a few places that the motherboard I am using (Aspire X1420) Quite possibly won't do the job. Any advice? I'm not really Looking to spend a lot of money Just some so World of Warcraft will run around 35-40 fps.
Thanks in advance for any advice
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  1. Hmm... Your computer case seems small (I already looking that picture). The computer only support low-profile card, so installing this video card to this system is NOT possible. Because GTX 650 IS full-profile meanwhile Acer Aspire X1420 ONLY support low-profile card.

    Find the low-profile video card, just DO NOT choose low-profile video card with thick heatsink.
  2. So would something like this graphics card work?
  3. cdyshm said:
    So would something like this graphics card work?

    Yes, because it has thin heatsink. But, if you want more performance, try this:

    (Seems out-of-topics)
  4. Thanks so much! and sorry for it being out of topics I'm still somewhat new here.
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