GTX 560 or HD 7750?

hi all, i was about to purchase a radeon 7750 for 99 dollars US when i noticed an EVGA GTX 650 and also thought about HD 7770
for only $80!!!! at first i thought this was a bargain, i thought Nvidia cards are priced up the arse, but i then wondered why it was so cheap? which card is better? links: [...] 6814130827 [...] 6814102969

and i want to max out games at 1280 x 1080 resolution
gta iv
upcoming gta 5
max payne 3
crysis 2
mass effect 3
and other upcoming heavy games
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  1. also does anybody know gta 5 will come in pc?
  2. they are pretty similar in performance
    the 650 has a slight edge, and its cheaper. so i would get that. If you are planning at maxing games out at 1080p then forget about it. You need to spend a lot more money, something like a gtx670 or 660ti.
  3. u mean i cant max games at 1280 x 1080 latest games with HD 7770 or 7750 or gtx 650
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