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Hi I have a problem with my monitor. There is a thick white line going horizontally across it. It's annoying and has bad track movement within the area. Thanks for all the help.
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  1. do you have another monitor or VGA/HDMI (whichever you use) by any chance?

    you could try testing it with another one to see if your monitor Or Cable is the problem. If so you might need a new one. Either way its better than buying a new Graphics Card.
  2. No i'm pretty sure the problem is the monitor. Because this is a laptop, and the laptop screen is fine. And The same problem was seen using another computer on it.
  3. Well all i can say is you might have to replace the monitor. Im kind of limited when it comes to monitors. Sorry :/
  4. Aww. Thats a shame but ok. :(
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