Hi i have switchable gpus on my laptop one is intel HD 4000 graphics as power saver gpu and the other one is AMD HD 7730M 2GB graphics as High Performance gpu...
my problem is that when iam not playing any of the games and also not using any softwares like 3dMAx, ACAD 2013 my high performance gpu always turned on and gpu temp shows a load of almost 96% at 65degC and it makes my laptop a lot hot...iam worried kindly assist me...


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  1. Maybe any unwanted Process is going on in the Background.
    Delete any Unwanted programs.

    Look out for Windows files, don't delete them.
    Do this through Windows Task Manager
  2. Hi Xaviour here thanks Sumukh...

    Something named "svchost.exe" is running in the processes and it consumes a lot my cpu i never saw an i7 touching 85% usage or above and it also uses my ATi 7730m and all it results in very high temperatures of both cpu cores and gpu core. Thank God every thing is back to normal....please tell what that thing was, i killed that process and nothing happened to windows or any other software.

    And also tell that when ever i turn my laptop on i always have to kill that process otherwise my cpu and gpu both has load....How can i get rid of this process for ever...
  3. Its a Windows Service.
    I have around 10 of the same process running. :lol:
    They don't consume any performance of my Rig

    But I understand you, Because earlier I too had that Process sucking my Performance.
    You'll find the Process link here

    But I don't know how that process ended ! Now it doesn't affect my Performance.

    Try this : http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-performance/svchostexe-high-cpu-on-windows-7-sp1/128aea68-1795-48cb-a389-b4d35481dd58?msgId=a8598d68-c4d9-4000-ad6b-75ce7d59c4ce

    It may be a virus. Look out for that.
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