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OK so i assembled my first computer recently. And everything seems to be running fine. i am on it right now. But every now and then i get random black screens from my monitor. It doesn't effect what i am doing or anything just goes blank for a second and then back on. The monitor don't shut off when this happens. so

Is this really bad? is there something i can do? A Hardware problem/dying?

i also have a new graphics card coming in Tuesday, if it was you guys would you try and fix this before something bad happens, or should i wait for graphics card to come in. Run the graphics through that and see if the problem persists? Right now i am just running off mobo integrated graphics.

I have the msi 760gm-p34

any advice or info you could give me would be great.
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  1. Any ideas at all?
  2. Just wait for the new GPU. Install it and the drivers and chances are this problem will go away.
  3. I don't suppose its happening when you're updating an application or running an install - that sounds like what happens whenever Win7 is prompting you to have access to the hard drive.
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