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I want to know how exactly one has to connect a 2-molex to 1 6-pin PCIe adapter, you need to have one free line of molex, and connect only one of them to one molex in the adapter, or two molex from different lines one to each of 2 molex ?
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  1. Two molex from different lines is preferred.
  2. So if using a graphic card that need 2 6-pin PCIe inputs, and you have a PSU with 1 6-pin PCIe and have to use the adapter to the other 6-pin, you have to use 2 lines of molex, and not connect anything else in them ?
  3. You could likely plug a fan or two into the molex if you absolutely needed to. You couldn't run a full rack of HDDs and a three water pumps though.

    But more important than the plugs, is the quality if your PSU and the type of graphics card. What do you have?
  4. I have a PSU 600W, with 1 6-pin PCIE, and +12V1 - 19A / +12V2 - 19A, 1HDD and 2Fans, with a low-end motherboard and a Dual Core AMD of around 65W consumption, and I want to connect a Gainward GTX 570 GS.
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