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Need to know how to get rid of black border around my monitor

hey guys so i was streaming the internet on 1080p (currently am still running 1080p on my monitor) but when i launched minecarft it gave me this black border and well i thought it was for minecraft so i went on with it but then i exited the game completely and there was still a black border all across the edges of my monitor. thanks
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    Its called GPU scaling. If you got AMD card, launch minecraft, press ctrl+alt+del to launch task manager, then launch Catalyst Control Panel, find scaling options (I think it was under screen properties?), then set it to 0%. Another option is to use DVI cable instead of HDMI. Thats solved my issues automatically before and you don't really sacrifice quality. Good luck!
  2. thanks but you were a little to late i did exactly what you have said but i did right before you sent that message. but i do appreciate it for you typing it anyways
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