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I have a XFX Radeon HD 7850 Core Edition set up with the following displays (under Win 7):

1) A flatscreen, Acer 23,6 L GD245HQbid 3D, connected via DVI, used as a primary screen for my PC
2) A second flatscreen, LG 19 L Fla. L1972H A+D , connected via DVI, used as a secondary screen for my PC
3) A TV, LG 50PZ250, connected via HDMI, used to watch videos

I can use all three displays, but only two at a time. I would like to change that, i.e. I would like to use all three displays at the same time. How do I do that? I did a bit of googeling and I read that one has to use the Display Port for this. Is that correct and how exactly do I have to do that? It is sufficient to buy an adapter for one of the screens? (My graphics card has 2 mini display ports). Which one should I take?

Thanks already!
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  1. you need to have http://www.amazon.com/Accell-B087B-006B-DisplayPort-Single-Link-Certified/dp/B004071ZXA

    this is from amd's site for AMD Eyefinity validated dongle

    just move your second flat screen to this that's pluged to the dvi and put it in to any of the mini display ports
  2. Thanks, I will try that. :)
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