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I have to 2 separate questions.

1. Do motherboards come with Wifi or would i need to buy this so i can connect to broadband?

2. Would you recommend win7 or win8?
I find win8 to have a faster boot time and run quicker but most people recommend win7.
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  1. 1)desktop motherboard usually don't have wifi, but some do. if you use wifi for broadband then yes you need one, but it have a network cable connector.

    2)I would check the hardware and software you going to use for windows 8 support before installing that.
  2. Built-in wifi adapter is common on ITX (HTPC oriented) boards, so you'll probably need a separate one.
    Windows 8 is identical to Windows 7 in terms of usability providing that you install one of the start menu replacments, i.e. Classic Shell, it's just more feature rich.

    Edit: There are very few compatibility issues that can be avoided by installing/running the problematic software in Windows 7 compatibility mode (takes 3 clicks to do it, literally).
    Only truly incompatible piece of software I encountered so far on Windows 8 was Acronis Disk Director which uses driver module that isn't Windows 8 certified, causing it to not work.
    On the flip side, I've encountered quite a number of old games that work perfectly on 8 that had various issues on 7.
  3. 1 - depends on the board , but 90% without.
    2 - for now windows 7.
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