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Hello, my PC'S processer is "intel pentium dual core" , ram is 3gb(2 1) DDR2, motherboard is MAXTONE945GC(HIS) i purchaed nvidia geforce g520 2gbDDR3 but sadly the driver did'nt got installed as an error message "hardware not supported" was 'm gonna replace that with other card but i want to know which model of nvidia graphic card my PC can support.....pls reply asap
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  1. If you can see something with your gt520, then it`s compatible, but the driver you were using isn´t.

    Which driver did you install? Is it a Windows system with 32bit or 64 bit?

    Install the 32bit or 64bit driver from this page:

    All PCIexpress nvidia cards should be compatible with your Mainboard. Just for Info: your Mainboard PCIe Version is 1.1
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