Asus 7850 + nfs mw (2012)


i have just purchased asus 7850 dcu2...
my spec is

i5 2500k @4.5
8gb ddr3
asus 7850 dcu2

the thing is... my nfs mw(2012) and nfs shift 2 cant be close properly.. i can game on it.. but when i close the game.. the game will stuck.. and neither alt-f4 or end task (task manager and taskkill ) can kill the game.. note that im using win8 pro x64.

weird thing is all my other game dont have this problem even if i OCed the card.. i have test the card with furmark.
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  1. Try normal settings for the I5 and graphics card.
    Could also be compatibility issues, set the properties of the game "exe" to "compatible to Win 7" or Vista. Start the game as admin.
  2. after some testing... i can alt-f4 in game before any 3d rendering (menu, etc) buat after that... if i alt-f4.. the screen will freeze and always on top.. i can alt-tab, etc bui cant force close the game.. the only solution is to restart the computer.. not even log off can kill the game.. it will stay on memory...
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