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Hi everybody -

Hopefully someone could offer some sort of support for me. My dad had an old computer (Hard Drive A, Windows XP) and I recently built him a new one (Hard Drive B, Windows 7). I put together the new computer and everything worked just fine. I took Hard Drive A and put it into the second computer, where Hard Drive B is. Using the My Computer I was unable to locate any of his desktop files (primarily his music files). I then removed Hard Drive A and put it back into the original computer and it won't even let me boot; says HAL.DLL is missing.

Outside of moving the hard drives I have done nothing in terms of writing or deleting anything to Hard Drive A. Do you guys think there's anyway for me to get this data back? Could it possibly be considered a hidden file? I've searched ways to re-establish the HAL.DLL file but am worried that if I do that I might alter something considerably more and screw it up possibly worse than it already is. I'm open to any kind of help and thanks in advance.
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  1. Can you see the hard drive when you look into the bios?
  2. I can but when I attempt to boot it it says HAL.DLL missing
  3. Do you have a Microsoft xp cd?
  4. Check for proper boot order in BIOS. You might see the hal.dll error if the boot order in BIOS is first looking at a hard drive other than your main hard drive.
  5. I'm sure my dad has the XP recovery disk somewhere....would I run the risk of losing the files if I were to do a recovery? That's my biggest concern at this point.
  6. you can boot up from it, and run system repair. It will repair the boot manager and operating system without loosing and data.
  7. would you suggest i bring it to best buy or something? i don't want to Jack it up
  8. also Thanks for the help man
  9. Its really not very hard. here is a decent step by step guide i found if you want to try it yourself
  10. Do you happen to know why I'm unable to view the files that were on Hard Drive A's desktop? Do you think they may be on a different partition or something like that?
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