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Hi there, my problem started when i was unscrambling my cords to my pc, and this is my issue
Originaly my modem and router were working fine, but after unplugging them I had a major issue, I couldn't figure out the way they were originally done! I have a basic SMC router and a basic cisco modem(doubt that matters too much, but even so if you need spec. models just hollar) my router just has 4 LAN plugins and 1 WAN plugin, I'm not really sure if i need it or not, the wan plugin but anything you might have to help would be great, theres 2 ethernet cables and on my most recent attempt( Not using WAN plugin, at all just 1 From PC to Router and 1 from Modem to Router) I get this error: Local area connection doesn't have a valid ip config, which i'm assuming is a strong possiblity that means its just windows 7 being irritating, thanks for any help.
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    Ethernet cord from modem goes into the WAN plugin on your modem. Ethernet cords go from 4 LAN plugs to your various devices. Restart computer and it should work.
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