Is it worth upgrading a 7950 3gb card?

Is it worth upgrading a 7950 3gb card for a 7970, whats the difference, and is it worth the money or should i stick with a 7950 msi card ?
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  1. What resolution are you playing at? If your playing at 1920x1080 you will be fine with the 7950 by all means!
  2. its at 1920x1080 but i still seem to get quite a bit of lag on say withcher 2 and batman arkham city is that normal or not?
  3. Uhm, upgrading to a 7970? No.

    Yes, it's normal - you just named two of the most difficult-to-run games out there.

    For batman, check to see that you're not making your CPU try to do the PhysX compute, and for the Witcher 2, there are a few settings that make a huge hit to performance with little to no graphics difference:
  4. Tried witcher again and turned off ubersampling, i now get around 100 fps its smooth now so upgrading to a 7970 is no point at the moment. my GPU is overclocked to 1000MHZ anyways along with the i7 3770k at 4.0ghz i should in theory run quite a few things on high i guess.
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