Which is the better GTX 680? (Choices Inside)

Trying to finish my gaming PC, current build info is:

ASRock Extreme4 LGA1155
OCZ 750w PSU
8gb DDR3-1600 Corsair Vengence

And I will be gaming in 1920 x 1080

I have decided on a gtx 680 as the card of my choice, and will be ordering it next friday.

I have already been pointed towards the MSI Lightning, The EVGA Signature + and the FTW edition, The ASUS DCUII TOP edition, and the GALAXY GC Snow White editon.
I have been told the MSI Lightning is the best, but I won't really ever do OC'ing with it (or very minimal). So my question is:

What one would you choose that has the best Out of the Box performance for the money? If I have missed one that should be considered, let me know.
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More about which choices inside
  1. Either the Asus or the MSI will be great out of the box, without oc'ing
  2. The ASUS TOP would probably be the best performer for the money, but I was just wondering how the others stacked up.
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