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I have been planning on building my first gaming PC and I think that I have my build mostly worked out but before I buy anything I was wondering if AMD or Intel or anyone for that matter are releasing anything new or revolutionary in the near future that would give me a reason to wait a bit longer? Thanks in advance.
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    New, yes. Revolutionary, no. Intel will come out with "Haswell" sometime later in 2013, on a new socket 1150. AMD has a new series of APU's due out too. Each new series brings incremental improvements, and you'll get a new one from Intel every year and AMD has been updating pretty quickly recently too. Basically, whenever you buy a CPU you're only a year at most from it being a generation behind. Performance-wise though, it's not a huge difference anymore.
  2. Based on roadmaps, news and rumors, nothing revolutionary this year. Might as well buy all you need now.
  3. I've really been leaning towards an AMD build, pretty sure I'll be getting the FX 6300 Black Edition 3.5GHz Six-Core CPU and the Radeon HD 7850, do you think there's any reason I should wait?
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  5. Awesome, thanks for the help guys
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