My monitor is advertised as 1080p but doesnt display 1080p

i have the asus 24' vw246h and i have a saphire radeon 7950 graphics card
i have updated the driver on the graphics card to the 12.11 beta

anyways when i play games (far cry 3, hitman, tf2) it works fine, its full 1080p crisp, (although some screen tearing, but thats a whole other post)

however when i play videos, the videos become all pixelated and blurry

i have tried the videos on nasa's website to test for hd and have also tried youtube videos to test, and have a 1080p movie to test aswell

i doont have a bluray drive, however i do have a ps3 to test for blurays

i would like some assistance please, im not sure if its a setting in the monitor or i got a bad one?

any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. ... Well that means the videos aren't playing in 1080p, then. On youtube you have to set it, and a lot of videos don't have 1080p.

    Often when it says it's an HD video, what it means is 720p.

    EDIT: What this all means is that it's a software issue, not a hardware one.
  2. does it display a 1920 x 1080 resolution?
  3. Go to Catalyst Control Center, advanced view, and common display tasks, detect displays. If it shows your model then all is working. Look at the resolution in My VGA Displays, Properties (VGA display).
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