Need aproval on build.

Hey guys, first PC build here.

These are the components I have decided on so far.

Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1866MHz Desktop Memory
Gigabyte MVP ATX Motherboard
Corsair 650W PC Power Supply (CMPSU-650TXV)
zalman z11 case
intel i5 3350p

Some questions:
Do I need a Z77 chipset if I dont plan on overclocking the CPU, but would like to overclock RAM + GPU? I would like to save money and buy a B75 chipset instead if it will not bottleneck me.

Is there any bottlenecks in this system? I heard the i5 3350p will be fine if im not intending on OCing.

Are there any small increases or decreases in price on certain components to get a much better part?


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  1. Try H77. B75 is intended for business computers.

    It should be fine. You could go with a 660 ti and save some $$ It shouldn't affect your framerates too much.
  2. Well the i5 3470 will be better and is pretty cheap too and less chance to bottleneck a 680 and turbos higher

    z77 board gets you SRT, usually more board options and overclock via turbo/multi depending on your chip

    Get the Zalman z11 plus if you want USB3 front headers on the case
  3. i'm not 100% sure which motherboard you're talking about, could you link to it? otherwise the system looks good.
  4. Thanks for the responses.

    intel SRT is for increasing the speeds of HDDs right? it would be of no use if i already have an ssd?

    Also to explore all of my options, if I get an H77 chipset (aprox 40$ cheaper) and buy the k version of the i5 (+40$) would i be able to overclock it with that chipset?

    basically its the cheapest mobo that is z77 that i could find on futureshop (where i get a disc)
  5. You cannot overclock using the h77 chipset

    SRT uses your SSD to cahce the HDD (useful for small SSD's)
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