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Hello Everyone,

Over the weekend I put together a new AMD system. Just wanted to see what you guys thought, comments, opinions, criticism, anything is welcome.

Main uses for this build: Minor video editing, for burning home movies. - Music - Internet - Office applications - Maybe some light gaming but not too important.

I built this for a relative and they wanted to have a PC that performed well overall: fast, reliable and under 1K. Checkout the build at PCpartpicker and let me know what you guys think.
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  1. Hi, you already made it right?

    It's not the best for the price.
  2. It looks pretty good, I personally would have gotten a cheaper motherboard (you're probably not going to be crossfiring anyways), DDR3 1866 for like $5 more, and the 8320 instead of the 8150.
  3. Also, do you like windows 8 on the desktop, or are you getting it because it's the latest and greatest? I don't really care for it that much (granted there are some performance increases + DX 11.1), and would rather have windows 7, but if you like it I could see where you're coming from.
  4. Correct, It has already been built.

    The price shown in PCPartPicker is not accurate. I believe its off by at least $100, probably more. Total spent was probably between 700-800. Do you think a better system could have been built in that price range?

    thanks for your input, by the way
  5. @edgewood The deal with the Mobo and RAM was that it was a combo purchase, which was purchased for about 100 (if I remember correclty). Budget also played a part in processor choice, I believe there was about a $30 price difference (at time of purchase) between the two. I guess it came down to saving money over improvement in performance?

    Regarding Windows 8, personally, I think might have gone with 7 myself but since I was building for someone else, they requested Windows 8.
  6. A system decently better could have been built in this price range.

    Motherboard is way too expensive
    CPU isn't the best. 8350 is the way to go for AMD. the Zambezi chips were a bit of a disappointment.
    Not the best SSD
    slow RAM (should be 1600mhz)

    All this said, it's still a solid system and should do everything you need it to just fine.
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