6950 v 7970

Is the upgrade from a 6950 to a 7970 worth it?, What diffrences will I see in fps. Currently playing Skyrim

Old card http://hexus.net/tech/reviews/graphics/32246-xfx-radeon-hd-6950-2gb-dd-xxx/

Newcard https://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-097-GI&tool=3
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  1. do you belive that your gpu is your bottleneck? that card should crush skyrim.
    what is the rest of your build?
  2. go here, check the two cards, click compare. check several different games.

  3. Vanilla skyrim runs fine but once I get to adding mods it slows down
  4. For skyrim you're better off with a nvidia 670 gtx.
  5. Nvidia isnt an option for me
  6. Forgot to mention I have a i5 2500k @4.1ghz and 8gb corsair vengeance Ram
  7. Wait for the newer series and get the top card to feel a 100% performance boost, it gets slow because the VRAM is filled up quickly or reaches a high limit.
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