PC completely haywire after attempting to upgrade video card and RAM

I don't know if this is the correct forum for the problem I'm having, but I'm nearing the end of my rope and I need to know how to resolve this. I can't take it to a tech or anything like that (since it's Boxing Day) so hopefully I get a good answer on here.

My computer is completely haywire. I tried upgrading my video card from a EVGA GTX 460 to a Sapphire AMD HD 7870 (Christmas present) as well as adding two more sticks of 2GB RAM to my computer. From then on, my monitor refused to show anything other than a black screen and it's been that way since yesterday afternoon.

Here is all the things that we have tried.

-Swapping around the RAM and trying different slots.
-Taking out the new RAM and leaving the old RAM in.
-Swapping GPUs.
-Restarting my CMOS battery.
-Taking the GPU out and attempting to run with integrated graphics.

Nothing is working.

I asked on another forum and one guy suggested the possibility of a fried motherboard. It's not that; the motherboard still shows signs of posting, it still lights up, my computer still boots up, etc. But all that happens is a black screen and my peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.) don't register. I can't even access my BIOS, can't do anything.

So what now?

Here is the motherboard that I'm using.
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  1. Did you uninstall the nvidia drivers before removing the card?
    Resetting the BIOS before trying to use the onboard?
    Make sure you did not bump any connections loose?
  2. That might be what it is...I did forget to uninstall the nVidia drivers before removing the card for the first time. Don't know why I didn't think to do that. Of course, it's not like I can go back and fix it; my monitor won't even read the video card; I can't even get a picture or get my keyboard to work, let alone access my BIOS or my nVidia drivers.

    I supposed I could try resetting the CMOS battery again and try running on integrated graphics alone.

    And to my knowledge, everything is plugged in where they should be. I just don't understand.
  3. Just resetted the battery and ran on integrated graphics. Still nothing.

    As far as 'm concerned, my computer is toast.


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  4. So nobody has any idea what is going on?
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