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Lower Max Graphic Card Power yet higher requirement?

I'm upgrading from an Nvidia GT 630 to a GTX 650, and I noticed that the GTX 650 has less Maximum Graphic Card Power than the lower level GT 630- yet the power supply requirement is 100w greater.

Can someone explain this? And if my 300w power supply can handle the GT 630, can it handle the GTX 650, even though the requirement is higher?

Many thanks.
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    gt630 is a rebranded gt440, gtx 650 is a new chip. and gt630 does indeed use more power under heavy load. You should be just fine.
  2. Fantastic, thank you for the response!
    Any reason why the GTX 650 has a higher power requirement on the Nvidia website? I'm thinking it's just the standard requirement to be safe.
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