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  1. Is there a 7950 you guys like in particular and can recommend?
  2. I'll discuss two models:



    The ASUS model is a 3-slot card so it's large. However that also helps keep it cool and quiet. It's clocked at 800MHz (lower than some) which makes it even quieter though you can easily overclock and still be quieter than other cards.

    The Sapphire is 850MHz and probably quiet/cool. (too many different models to keep track of). It's a 2-slot card which is typical.

    I had an awesome Saphire HD5870 Vapor-X (still running) and I love my new 3-slot Asus GTX680 (similar DC2 cooling setup).

    There's also a cost difference.

    *You have to be very careful about benchmarks. Some pick and choose the games so a particular series looks better.

    You also need to factor in the GAME BUNDLE cost. (Is there one for the Sapphire or not? I thought it was for all HD7950's...)

    I'd recommend the Asus first, and if you consider the Sapphire which should be also a great card be sure to verify the gaming bundle is included as I see no info on it here.
  3. I started a new thread just for my graphics card. I got help with cards in the $300 range and ended up choosing the Gigabyte 7950 because it is $50 off at $289. I put the Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X into account but it was a little pricey at $329. The Gigabyte has great cooling capabilities with little noise (so I've heard) because of it's 3 fans. It is a little long but the Phantom 410 has a removable drive bay to make room.

    Here's a link to the card:

    I also believe I will upgrade my cooling from the Hyper 212 Plus to the Corsair H60. I looked at installation videos for the 212 and it looks gigantic in my opinion. Also, I've read the H60 has stronger cooling capabilities, and if I want to overclock down the road it seems like the better option.
  4. Also, the 7950s come with Crysis 3, which I would have purchased anyway.
  5. ii aM DippY said:
    Also, the 7950s come with Crysis 3, which I would have purchased anyway.

    Good luck.
    A higher than average number of that Gigabyte HD7950 died which is why I didn't recommend it, however that's what Warranties are for, nor do I know if that was just a bad batch or two.

    *Redeem your games as soon as possible. There will be a cut-off date.
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