How to connect wireless TP Link to a D-link wireless router

I have a TP-Link (TL-WR941ND) wireless router in my living room and I want to expand my connectivity to get to the bedrooms area. I have a D-link (DI-524)wireless G router I want to take advantage of.
How can I connect the two routers (no cables to be used) together so I can have acces to the internet from my room?

Thank you
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  1. You cannot use the DI-524 as a wireless repeater, it does not have the capability.

    You can use it as an AP if you run a CAT 5e cable or use a pair of powerline adapters (if you do that go with the 500mbps), or buy a wireless N router that does allow repeater mode.
  2. find a custom firmware for D-link (DI-524) so as to you can connect other router as client or by WDS. some good firmwares i know-- dwr, pen dwr and tomato. if your router is compatible with these firmware then you can bridge them
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