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After some research I've chosen two 7850 cards, but I'm not able to make up my mind. Below are the 2 cards.

1) Sapphire HD7850 2GB OC Edition

2) PowerColor HD7850 2GB PCS+

I plan on running 2 displays with the card. Below are the details and usage.

1) Acer P223W @1680x1050 - Photoshop and Moderate gaming. - DVI-D

2) Samsung 3 Series TV @Full HD - Movies and Moderate Gaming. - HDMI

I don't plan on running the displays together at the same time for gaming or photoshop. I will only be using one display at a time (Even for gaming). I usually play games like NFS, COD and Tropico. While using both displays, one will be used for browsing and the other for movies.

Or would I be happier with a 7870?

What do you suggest?
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  1. 7850 Sapphire OC edition.
  2. Thanks for your opinion Ahlers. Was just wondering, any specific reason as to why the Sapphire card?
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