Radeon 550x reset resolution after reboot


My LCD need 1680x1050 resolution but after reboot the graphic adapter modify resolution to 1440x900.
I'm tired to reset resolution every time.

Please help !
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  1. No such thing as a Radeon 550x. Please tell us the manufacturer and model of your computer.
  2. configuration:

    MB: ASRock ALiveNF6G-DVI
    processor: Athlon 4800+ dual core
    video card: Sapphire Radeon X550 PCI-express
    op. syst. : Windows XP-32 with SP3
    LCD: Philips 220CW

    any help would be appreciated !
  3. Oh, that's an ancient card. Have you downloaded the most recent driver from AMD?

  4. Oh Yeah, I've this driver ...........................

    any suggestion ?
  5. Does it have control center? If so go to advanced and set it to automatically detect the monitor on startup.
  6. I set to automaticaly detect but no change...

    After reboot adapter properties show 1680x1050 but the real resolution detected of monitor is 1440x900

    I change this resolution to any else >>> appear the screen :

    "Do you want the keep this settings" >> I say: NO >> now the resolution becomes good ( 1680x1050 )

    Is error of video card, monitor or software ???
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