My sony vaio is inop

sony laptop vaio will not boot up, when pwrd up it just reset or blinks on and off but not pwring down. the windows 7 os is not running at all i got here using the assist button.
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  1. but I might try installing the windows 7 disk in the drive and if you can get it to boot, select "upgrade"
    this reloads the OS files, but does not erase your personal files..and could possibly solve a bug for you.
    This will not fix your problem if you have a hardware might not be able to get the CD to boot

    The problem I have is I don't know how to open the bios settings, and set the CD DVD Drive to boot first
    This varies according to the manufacturer
    Do you see a boot menu? That starts the CD too first. The manual tells you which button to bring up the bios settings.

    Set the bios settings to boot the CD first. Put the 7 disk in the drive and run upgrade. Do not run the fresh install. The fresh install wipes your files, but the upgrade just defaults the operating system, and does not wipe out your files
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