4870 Power Supply?

Hey guys, just stumbled upon a bit of a problem...

I'm picking up a HD4870 soon and from what I can tell from AMD's website, it requires about 500W to run..

Problem is, my current PSU caps out at 460W, with the following specifications: (Right off the label)

+3.3V - 17.0A
+5.0V - 25.0A

+12.0VA - 18.0A
+12.0VB - 16.0A
+12.0VC - 8.0A
-12.0V - 0.3A
+5.0Vaux - 2.0A

Total Power 460W MAX

With that being said, would I have any problems running the 4870 on my rig? Thanks!
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  1. Yes, you very well may have problems. I'd get a reliable 500w powersupply - Coursair, Antek, ....
  2. I understand that, but iirc people with the same computer (Dell XPS 8300), have had successful results from popping in, say a 560ti. Considering they both have the same power requirements, I don't see the problem.
    Shouldn't the main thing be the amps on the 12V rail?
  3. It might work, it's your choice. If you have any problems I'd look into a new power supply, though.
  4. You need new psu.hd 4870 is power hungry card.can you tell your budget we can also recommend other card as that card is now very old
  5. I'm not looking to replace my power supply, just a better card than I have right now. I have a budget of $100 dollars or so.

    My cousin had upgraded his HD4870 to a GTX670, so he just has it lying around.
    With that being said, would it be more cost effective to just replace the power supply and pop in the 4870? (And get decent performance)

  6. Would be more cost effective to just pop the 4870 in the system
    It was sold with the GTX260, HD5870, and GTX 460, doubt a 4870 would be harmful to it
    Might need a pcie splitter
  7. New generation cards like the 7770 are much more power efficient than those 4 series. Have you checked out them?
  8. I'm just looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade my graphics card. Looking at the 7xxx series, they look great.

    With the power supply, could you guys recommend some cards that would work with my system? I'll provide the space available in a bit.
  9. From the looks of my case, I have ample space available for upgrading. Again, any upgrade recommendations are welcomed. Thanks!
  10. hd 7770 bro. snm
  11. A free 4870 is a great deal. Just try it out with your existing power supply. If it doesn't work, we'll recommend some good ones for you. Corsair, XFX, SeaSonic, Antek are good ones generally. You'll need about 500w.
  12. From what I've read isn't it the 12v rail what really matters, rather than the wattage? Not to sound stupid, but how can I determinate the amps on the 12v rail?
    I'd just like to make sure I have a decent chance at running the 4870 as the card is on its way.

    Also, from what I've heard the power supply in the Dell XPS 8300 is of a high quality, so that should be a factor as well no?

  13. yeah brah you've got 18 amps on the 12v rail. that means its 80+ effecient. you should be able to power up the card with no problems just dont overclock it
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