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hey everyone, recently i bought a XFX radeon HD 7850 graphics card for my computer. i have it hooked up inside and everything, but i haven't given it power yet. this is because i need a dvi cable to plug into the card to the monitor. here's the problem, recently i found out that there a a few different types of dvi connections. take a look at this image, i'm using it to figure out what type of connections my card and monitor support. http://www.playtool.com/pages/dvicompat/dviconnscables.jpg
after looking at that, i've found that both connectors on the card are female, as well as the monitor. if you can't already tell i don't know much about dvi, i've always used vga. now that i know i need a dvi cable with both male ends i need to know what type they need to be. my monitor supports dvi-d, this is my monitor incase you guys need to look into it more: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824176077
it has 1 d-sub connector, 1 dvi-d connector, and 1 vga connector which isn't listed in the details of the monitor. so now i know i need a dvi cable with a dvi-d male end.
here is my graphics card i bought, posted incase you guys need to look into it more:
it has 1 hdmi port, 2 mini display ports, and 2 dvi ports 1 being single link and the other being dual. it doesn't say what type of dvi it needs, but if you look at the image i posted above the connectors on the card appear to both be dvi-i connectors. the details of the card say one is single link and one is dual link, but none of the connectors have that spot in the middle with no pins like the single link dvi-i cable in the picture does. what kind of cable would i need for this? or is there even a cable for this? i know i can use a dvi-vga adapter for one of the connectors on the card, and use the vga to plug into my monitor. i've also seen cables with a hdmi end and the other end is dvi, but i would prefer to use pure dvi. this preference is because i'm worried about the picture losing quality if i use a adapter or hdmi to dvi. i have no experience with dvi or hdmi though, so maybe there isn't a quality loss. if you could please provide me a link to something on newegg that would get the job done for this.
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  1. You just buy a dvi-to-dvi cable of the required length and it will fit! Believe me, dvi is easy to go. And don't pay attention to the cable pictures. I've never seen a single link cable with this plug in the wilderness.
  2. so any dvi cable will work then or what?
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812816013 this is one i was looking at before i found out there were many different connections. looks like its a dvi-d to dvi-d male, so it would go into my monitor fine, still worried about if it would be compatible with the dvi-i inputs on the video card though.
    after looking around the net it seems that dvi-d will pair with dvi-i so i'm just going to buy the cable i posted above. thanks for the help noidea_77.
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