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GTX 660 Ti in Gateway FX6800-01e

I hope Im posting this in the right place , I have been racking my head about this before i advise a friend locally about their new video card for their older but still nice Gateway machine... the specs I7-920 socket 1366 9GB ram (I thinking they are running at 1066 and far as i can tell the pci E slots are PCI-E 2.0 .... the problem is as I am concerned that the GTX660 Ti has a PCI-E 3.0 architecture ,, the compatibility with a 2.0 slot, I want to make sure their slot supports 3.0 as its different than 2.0 I cant find a bios update for it that addresses this so ,, if anyone knows big help.
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    PCIe will work fine, it's backward compatible. BIOS will not be able to upgrade your version, that's built in. Specs say you have a 500w power supply so it probably will do. But sometimes those OEM power supplies are flaky. Send us the info on the side of the power supply.
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  3. the PSU is a corsair HX600watt now since the oem went bad its already replaced so ,,, cool ,,just making sure before i advise them to buy something that wont work ,,, thanks
  4. Good PSU, you should be fine. Thanks for the thumbs up....
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