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First off, let me thank you all for any replies I may receive here. You guys seem to be a great community from what I have seen, so I am hoping you would be able to help me with the myriad of questions that I have about the new PC I am trying to build.

I used to be fairly well versed in hardware many years ago back in college, but I have focused on software so much as of late that I have fallen quite behind the times; so my technical expertise would probably be somewhere around slightly above average. I have looked a lot into these parts, and I hope I have some idea of what I'm doing at this point.

Every few years I build a new PC, so I want to get something quite good now, that will last me 4-5 years with mild to no upgrades. I realize it will start to get a bit behind near this mark, but such is the price for rapidly advancing technology. I play mostly MMOs, so the games won't be TOO demanding, but they are starting to get more and more so as time goes on (obviously). I multitask a lot, where I will have a game, a browser, music and skype running all at the same time. Please keep these needs in mind. I hope to mildly to moderately overclock the parts, especially as they start to fall behind. I don't really need to run in any crazily high resolutions, but I would like to run on fairly high settings if possible.

For a processor I chose the i5 3750k. I would be willing to return it and get a FX 8350 if what I am looking for would be better suited. I have a few days to return it still, so it wouldn't be an issue as the FX 8350 is cheaper. I will be upgrading to a nicer air cooler. I have heard good things about the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, so I will probably go with that.

The motherboard will determine the graphics card budget. I would like to keep it around 120, with the BIOSTAR TZ77B looking to be a great value at $100 with a free 8 GB stick of RAM on promo from Newegg. I'm not sure if this motherboard will hinder the rest of my parts though. I am admittedly ignorant in this aspect.

As far as RAM goes, both the double 8 stick packs (16GB total) of Corsair Vengeance or G. Skill Ares seemed appealing at $80 and $72 respectively. I'm not sure if this would be an issue if I mixed them with the free 8GB Crucial Ballistix stick you get with Biostar Z77 motherboards currently. I would be more than satisfied with 16GB and selling the Crucial stick if need be.

I would be installing a smaller SSD for booting/working/gaming and a larger SATA for storage.

Lastly, and probably most importantly comes down to the graphics card. I was looking at the 7850 and the GTX 660 intially, and the GTX 660 seemed better, especially with Intel boards (perhaps I misunderstood that last part though). Some seem to recommend the lower end 7870 over the 660 though, which I would be fine with dropping the cash on. If I am able to get away with a board around $100, I would be willing to go as far as getting a ~$300 model of the 7950 though, as my overall budget for this build was around $900. I am not sure if that will give a large raise in performance, or if I would be better off getting a 7870/660 and just overlocking it would be sufficient. Price is fairly important, as I am not wealthy, but if I will see significant gains in spending an extra $70, I could probably swing it. Either way, I would like to know what brands can be overclocked well as I understand this can be an issue.

Finally, I was just wondering if a 700W power supply should suffice for this build. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and sorry about the length.
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  1. are you from US/canada? and how much is your budget? we can put everything together to fit your budget
  2. USA. $700 after the processor would be as far as I could really go, unless slightly more gave a huge increase, otherwise obviously less would be preferable. Finding a PSU on sale for around $50 is not hard as long as I can keep it to 700W or under. So that leaves me with about $650. I will be getting a cheaper case as well ($50 or so), so may as well round it down to $600. The RAM I found, as I said, was around $72-80 for the (16GB)pair, and the SSD will be around $100, and $30 for the cooler so that brings me down to about $400 for graphics card and MOBO. I would rather go under that, but if I can get a bit cheaper on the MOBO, as I said earlier, I would be willing to push to a lower end 7950 if that would give a great performance gap over the 660/7850/7870 with a more mid range MOBO.

    Thanks for the quick reply. I can provide links to anything if need be.
  3. Updated with links of what I am thinking for a build:



    I would be willing to change this to anything up to $130 or so if a GTX660 would be my graphics card:

    Graphics card
    I was thinking either GTX 660, HD 7870 or HD 7950. My budget between the graphics card and motherboard is, as I said before, $350-400. I would like to get the most bang for my buck as most would say, so I really would be happy with a 660 and a decent motherboard if I wouldn't notice much of a difference upgrading to a higher graphics card.

    Thanks again for helping.
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