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Radeon hd 7970 fans never going above 20% rpm

Hello, just got done playing bf3 and i checked my temp on the radeon hd 7970 and it was 80c, but my fan was at 20% why didnt it speed up to cool it off better
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    Download a GPU program like MSI afterburner and you can set it manually. Jack it up to like 50%.
  2. check to see if the manufacturer provides fan/overclock control software and adjust the fan profile with that - or download msi afterburner.
  3. ya i can adjust it manually just thought it should do it automatically
  4. shouldn't it recognize when its being used and kick on the fans. i shouldn't have to manually turn my fans up when i want to play games
  5. if you can access the BIOS you can fix from there
  6. i downloaded that msi afterburner its working alot better then amd catalyst
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