PCI-E 2.0 x16 @ x4 2.0


I am having some FPS issues with Guild Wars 2. At first, my computer was running at x1 and I had around 8 FPS. I moved the monitor connecting thing (sorry I do not know the same) up and my computer started to run at x4. I noticed that the FPS has increased to about 26 FPS. GPU-Z states that I am able to run at x16, but it is currently running at x4. After a few things, I am wondering if the placement of the graphics card has anything to do with PCI-E. Currently, I believe that the card is placed at the bottom of the two slots. I am unsure as it has been a year since I first installed the card. I am wondering if placing the card to the upper slot would change the PCI-E from x4 to x16, probably. Would it make a difference if I move the graphics card? Currently I am worried that moving the graphics card would not only be difficult, but also may cause problems (as I am not a professional with computers and may make mistakes). In addition, I am unsure if I will be able to move my graphics card as cannot unloosen the bolt that maintains the frame of the computer, the bolt continues to turn.

Here is an image of where my graphics card is at.
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  1. you most likely are not in a pcie x16 slot which will limit your performance quite a bit. it shouldnt matter what dvi connection you use on the card itslef unless its only a single link dvi vs a dual link dvi. open your case and look at where your card is hooked into, is it blue? most pcie x16s are blue slots and should say somewhere x16 etc. also what card is this? does it have a pcie power connector on it? and also did you load the drivers for the card
  2. It turns out I only have one slot and it's black. Does that mean I will be unable to move from x4 to x16? I have a Radeon 6870 Card.
  3. What brand and model is your motherboard? It looks like you are in the most likely slot to be x16 but we need your specs to make sure. Also you can run CPUZ and GPUZ to get more information about your system.
  4. From searching for my computer, I believe that I have N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (Alvorix). Here are the specs from CPU-Z and GPU-Z:


    I appreciate your help. I hope I can raise it.
  5. Is that an HP computer? If so go to HP and check the bios updates. You may need one. Give us the manufacturer and model number of the PC.
  6. I remember checking before, there were no updates. It's an HP Pavilion p6624y PC.
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