Upgrading a GTS 240 to a Radeon HD 7770

Hello, I am pretty new to upgrading my computer hardware and am looking for some help finding a new gaming graphics card. I play a lot of league of legends, but am trying to find a card that will let my sister play the sims 3(something that doesn't seem to be working with our current card) and Far Cry 3. Not looking top of the line, but decent for about 140 bucks. I have an old dell from a few years ago. it has:

intel core i7 860 cpu
8 gb ram(4x2GB sticks)
nVidea GeForce GTS 240
a dell power supply labeled at 350 watts
my monitor is 1920x1080 if that matters at all

I am a little worried that the 7770 would require a little more power than my system can give, but I am unsure. Any incites or recommendations for other cards would be much appreciated.
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  1. pop the cover and let us know how many amps are on the 12v rails. Theres a sticker with the info on the power supply.
  2. Or at least state the Dell model that you are using as we maybe able to look it up at Dell but poping the cover and giving up the sticker information is better.
  3. thanks so much for the quick reply. Here is a picture of the label
  4. I realize the glare might be blocking some of the important information, is a new picture required?

    edit: I found one online
  5. Ok so i bought a card on sale and installed it, I haven't had any trouble running any games and as far as I can tell there aren't any serious power issues. I've tried it out with a number of games over several days and no real issues to speak of.
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