My acer is not picking up the vga 3 rca

i have an acer aspire one, and i just bought a cord off ebay that is VGA on one side and 3RCA red, white, yellow and a S-video port on the other end, i can not get the picture on my tv, what might the problem be? Any assistance?
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  1. For that cable to work your gpu must support tv-out thru vga (and not many do)
  2. Is there any way to detect fmy PC is compatible? Or do I need some type of converter instead?
  3. What kind of TV are you connecting to? Many newer HDTVs actually have a VGA port on them as well as HDMI ports.
  4. I'm connecting to tube TVs through a stereo surround sound receiver. Only RCA jacks on the components I'm trying to connect to.
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