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Hello, i'm wondering what graphics card i should buy. I'm planning to do sculpt, edit and make 3d models and animate. But i'm also going to play some pretty heavy graphic games like Battlefield 3.
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  1. We need to know the specs of the rest of your system, CPU, Motherboard ,PSU, Memory ETC.,I could tell you to go buy the latest and greatest then you get home and it isnt compatable, So fill in the Blanks and we'll try and help... :sol:
  2. I haven't chosen all of the parts yet, but i'm pretty shure i am choosing a Intel Core i7-3770 and maybe a sniperGigabyte G1.sniper M3 for motherboard
  3. You can use any card you want with that board, I wouldnt bother with anything older than a 560 ti nvidia or it's AMD equivalent ( I,m a Nvidia fan not up to date on the AMD cards) Just make sure you get the right power supply 550 watt for a single card 750watt or more for sli / crossfire, and a quality brand Corsair OCZ etc, look for mutiple 12v rails and such


    EX 2:

    Yes I am an OCZ fan I have been running the one in this rig since Jan 2008 no issues atall and still going strong, :sol: Good Luck and have fun
  4. It would be a good idea to tells what applications (names) do you plan on buying as that can make a big different between an AMD card or Nvida. Since some application see a big improvement with Cuda (nvida) or maybe favor direct compute (which AMD is stronger in) also need to tells us a price range. Note your I7 won't have much improvement over an i5 in gaming but could make worlds of difference in 3d apps.
  5. Good point Ikaz I was pushing the NVidia since he mentioned sculpts and 3d modeling I would probably stick with the I7 also especially if you do autocad etc. :sol:
  6. If i choose an Nvidia card, will that affect my gaming?

    Some programs i want to use is Autodesk Maya, 3d studio MAX, modo, after effects, Nuke, mudbux and zbrush. Although i'm going to download trial versions if possible because these programs are pretty expensive

    i have a budget on about 9-10 grand. ( on the whole computer that is )
  7. NVidia has 3d and Physics (a 3d monitor or two and gaming will never be the same) its a great all around card, I used to use AMD/ATI untill I got a gt8800 oc back in the day I've never owned another ATI ( dont get me wrong there great cards) Physic is great for rendering adds some pretty to games too!

    If you have that kind of money to spend, ,

    Case -Cooler Master Cosmos II

    PSU- Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1050W

    Mobo Asus P9X79 Deluxe (The board your looking at is also great)

    CPU Intel i7-3930K @4.8GHz (overclocked)

    Cooler Corsair H100

    GPU EVGA GTX 690

    RAM 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3/1600

    Optical Drive LG WH12LS39 BD-R Burner

    Solid State Drive Samsung 830 Series 256GB

    Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda 3TB (x2)

    Go here and scroll down to the third pc on the page.
    Single gyx 690

    tri crossfire

    Here is another good build

    The above builds will cost about $3500 to 3800 (maybe cheaper if you shop around) but there would be nothing these systems wouldn't crush,
  8. Oops, I forgot. I'm from Norway, and i wrote my budget in NOK. In USD That woukd be 1600 USD or 1000 GBP
  9. That sure makes a difference LoL

    Check out the second one on the first page(the big ugly red one (save money and get a different case) and change out the video card for a 680pe, plus if you already have a copy of windows that will knock off some cash too. just trying to show whats out there ,dont rush in, do some more research you'll probably be using this for a few years or more, (I'm still using the one I built in 2008 I finally just went from a x2 to an x4 cpu and DX 11 card,it's best to be sure now than sorry later, keep this going and let us know your final build, need anymore thoughts don't hesitate to ask. :sol:
  10. If you stick with your original board and cpu choice (which is fine, makes me drool) check out the gtx 680 pe I think that card would fit all your needs and is good for a couple years or more, dont skimp on a power supply I'd go for a 750 or 800 watt Quality PSU and a CM 212 evo or better cooler, I wouldn't do liquid cooling unless you plan on overclocking, I just added the evo cooler and I'm OC'ed from 3.0 to 3.6 and it idles at 29c and loads are around 55c,(that is a mild overclock though ) have fun and good luck... :sol:
  11. About the graphic card, which one do you mean by " 680pe" ?
    Also, how would that effect my gaming ?
  12. Ah, went a little fast there
  13. Which card exactly is "gtx 680 pe" ?
  14. The NVidia GTX 680 is the best card you can get unless you want to spend $1000 on a 690 the link has the 680 compared with other good cards so your choice is mainly what you can afford to spend, There are different models the 680 standard overclocked etc. this one is 2gigs of memory and runs $500 usd(or less) but it is compared with others so check them out as for gaming even if you get a gtx560ti ($200usd or less)you will be impressed, The prices have dropped since this review,

    Check this out :sol:
  15. Here is another good deal, it is a gtx 670 just alittle cheaper, :sol: like i said you will have to look around and compare the specs, every body will tell you to get this one or that one,because they like it. I find it best to just research the specs look at peoples sugestions and compare them, I have an older system, I was running aMSI NX8800OC 512 mb untill afew weeks ago I was going to buy a gtx550ti (economy card ) just for the directx11 and I found a gt 460 1gig on ebay for $70usd,(older but a real workhorse it out performs the newer 550ti) But if I could have afforded it I would have gotten a GTX560ti it is just a little better than the one I bought, with my system being older anything more than that is a waste of money because my PC cant utilize all the features (bottlenecks)
  16. Okay, so how much money should i spend of the rest of the parts then ?
  17. These are all in USD I dont know the availability in Norway, Can you order from the US or have a similar place over there ?

    Power supply: 69.99

    Memory: 45.99 you don't need more than 8 gigs games seldom use more than three gigs and there is room to upgrade later,

    Motherboard: 169.99

    CPU: 329.99

    Video card 1 : 469.99

    Video card 2 : 359.00

    I would suggest a SSD for your operating system and at least a 2 terabyte (games are getting big) Storage/Program drive

    SSD: 119.99

    if you can swing it go for the 250 gig ssd for 180.00

    HDD: 109.99

    Total with gtx680 $1320.00

    Total with gtx 670 $1210.00

    Then you have your case and DVD/r optical drive , fans and stuff but with this setup you still have room to play or use some stuff from your old system.
  18. Oh, Nvidia=evga ?
  19. Okay, so i got this: - Cabinet - CPU - Motherboard - graphics (pending on how much money that is left though)

    Still not shure about the rest :/
  20. WoW I'm green with envy, don't skimp on the power supply,you dont need alot of watts 550 or 600 but buy a good brand, and that G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series ram is over clock-able and real cheap for the quality, You are going to be very happy for years to come ,Enjoy
  21. Hmm, what did you recommend for memory and cooling ?
  22. I think i'm going to have to cut down on the graphics card, maybe a gtx 670 to afford everything
  23. 670 is a good card good luck
  24. Thank you, ill post the result.
  25. Acctually the 670 is the one with the PE suffix I hear it is killer (PE power edition)
  26. Hello again, this is the result:

    -CM stormtrooper Big tower
    - i7 quad core 3820
    -Asus p9x79 motherboard
    -XFX proseries core edition 650W PSU
    -Corsair XMS3 1600MHz 8GB Vengeance
    -EVGA geforce GTX 680
    -Seagate barracuda 1TB

    I have gotten the monster, i and i can tell you; its a beauty. Everything runs like a dream. I decided to wait for a little while so i could afford the 680, and i have no regrets. I have tested out Battlefield 3 (60 FPS or more), Assasins creed 3 (60 FPS or more), and minecraft (130 FPS)

    Thank you again for everything, it really helped.
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