How do i set up wifi at home with no internet connection

How do I set up wifi at home if I don't have internet at home? Is there a router or something I can buy? And would the mifi from virgin mobile work?
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Are you talking about the Internet connection from a Virgin mobile? You could use a wireless router to network your computers together but it won't help you get online unless you subscribe to an ISP - Virgin, perhaps. The only way to share the mobile phone's connection with a computer (only one) is by USB tethering. Have you seen a setting for that in the mobile - possibly under PC Connection?

    If the type of Virgin Mobile you're referring to is a USB wireless dongle, again a router wouldn't help but if you set the computer its plugged into to Share this computer's Internet connection", another computer should be able to share it.

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