What PSU wattage do I need for this specs?

I want to know how much wattage do I need for this build:
Intel i7 3930k @ want to OC IT
Ram 4x4GB @ 2400
motherboard: Asus SABERTOOTH X79
has 6 fans and NZXT Kraken X60
2 HDD and 1 SSD for OS.
Graphic: only one GTX N660 TF 2GD5/OC @ 1033MHz
may get another Graphic card in future.

I am thinking of AX850 Gold.. would that be enough? or should I go for more.
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  1. The AX850 can handle 2 7970s and an i7-3930K just fine. Your setup with a GTX660 will use significantly less power so there's no problem.
  2. even when both cpu and gpu are oc?
    and how do you think this build is?
  3. Thank you.. last thing: " and how do you think this build is? "
  4. For gaming, not the most balanced setup. Rather than getting another card (which I'm assuming is another GTX660), I'd recommend getting a GTX670 (or HD7970 if you don't mind AMD). Your psu can handle 2 higher-end cards though, 2 GTX670s should be optimal if you have the money.
  5. What is the use of the computer? If gaming, I give it 5/10.
  6. it is for encoding. video rendering.
  7. It will be very good for what you need it t0 do.
  8. Yeah it's good.
  9. OK, and I don't mind AMD for sure.. I am using one right now ^^ and I like it so much.. if you can.. can you link me for a good 7970 radeon on newegg.com plz..
    since there is lots of different once .. and I am bad when it comes to GPU.

    sorry for my bad English.. its not my main language.
  10. Thank you.
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