Old computer won't even boot to bios

So I have this old Pre-built PCM that I haven't really been using for a while, but I decided I'm going to sell it. Problem is it won't boot to bios. When it was in the case it didn't turn on stall (no fans spinning, not a thing) now I have taken it out and put it on a test bench, I can get it to turn on now but it won't boot anything. Doesn't show anything on the screen once everything is running, not the bios option, not the screen that usually tells you the manufacture of the mobo. If anyone has any suggestions then I would appreciate your help.

Mobo - mcp73t-ad
CPU - dual core 2.3ghz I think
Ram - 2gb
It's a Pre built from a Packard bell d252uk
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  1. If the board doesn't boot to the BIOS you are pretty much sunk. Your best bet is to try and reset the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery for about a minute or so and putting it back in. Some OEM boards have a built in battery and you have to find the CMOS or BIOS RESET jumper or it could be 2 small solder points you have to connect with a wire or something. To be honest, I've seen so many of those old OEM boards go bad they just aren't worth messing with. If it doesn't boot, there isn't much you can do.
  2. I figured as much, though it wouldn't hurt to double check. Thanks for your quick reply
  3. Install a new battery ??
  4. You bet. I've tried to revive OEM machines many times and they are usually fruitless. I usually scrap it and salvage what I can.
  5. are you using the old power supply or a newer one. with old system caps can dry out and cause issues. i would try the mb with another power supply. if it still is acting up try one dimm and onboard video only if it has it.
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