excel 2000

i'm use office 2000. when i'm working on excel files i
get the following error message:

no enough memory. when i click on 'ok' the screen gets
jumbled with large black letters. then another error
message comes up: not enough system resources. then:
program has performed an illegal operation and then all
current open applications shut down.

1) sometimes excel is the only open application.
2) i wiped out the hard drive and did a clean install
yesterday and it still happens.
3) contacted mfg. (dell) and got the normal.dot
suggestion. file is not on the machine.
4)i can work on large files ok. it only happens on the
smaller files. i get those messages when i'm tring to
print, save, sort, column width and scroll.
5) if i take those same files to another machine they work fine & some of
those computers have less than half the power than the one i'm using

system specs:
400mhz p2
384mb ram
12gb hard drive - 11.3gb free
92% system resources free. only 2 items on start-up using msconfig
virtual memory: windows difined
64mb g2 video card (installed after this started)

thanks in advance.
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  1. I'm not sure. Can you give us anymore details? have you tired to to <A HREF="http://search.support.microsoft.com/" target="_new">Micorsoft?</A> this is a link to their support page. Type in your error message and select excel 2000. then continue and put in anything else they ask you.

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  2. thanks for the help. i had already posted somethings on ms site. the problem has been solved. what it turned out to be was all the files had a font in them that we needed to upload into the mainframe system. it turns out that the font was corrupting the file. as soon as we changed the font on another machine and then put it back the file works fine.

  3. Cool. I'm glad you got it to work and posted the fix. Sorry I wasn't any help.

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