XfX HD 7950 vs EVGA Gtx 660 ti

I can't decide between those 2, In my country the 660 ti is 25-30 bucks CHEAPER than the 7950 but
some people say the difference is worth it while others say the Gtx is still a better Card, i play at
1080p. What is the best card of those 2?
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  1. Well, it’s an apples vs. oranges argument. The EVGA is arguably faster, both have an equal amount of memory and quite good at what they do. EVGA has a better track record at customer service, while XFX’s cards are all tweeked a bit higher.

    I own both EVGA cards and XFX cards, not these two, but oh well. I like EVGA’s customer service better than XFX’s. EVGA’s dead on arrival rate is about 3%. XFX’s is closer to 7%

    It’s your choice. You will be highly satisfied either way you go.
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