560 ti 2gb vs 7850 2gb WoW

Based on the benchmarks from the site and WoW favoring nvidia it says that the 560 ti is better and i can get it for about $50 cheaper from a buddy but i'm wondering if the results are still viable after the driver updates from amd and such.

- Just need to know if it's worth springing an extra $50 for a 7850
- will run xfire or sli later on
- only playing WoW and some other games like that...... but mainly WoW

Edit: both cards are the msi twin frozr
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  1. Well i would say 7850. Its better than 560 ti. And lower power and less heat.

    You can always add another one. But i would pick that 7850.
  2. 7850 is a lot stronger.
  3. See if you can find a cheap 660 gtx, it will be the best.
  4. I would agree that the 7850 would be the stronger choice over the 560Ti but yea I would look into the 660gtx which would beat the snot out of the 7850
  5. djangoringo said:
    See if you can find a cheap 660 gtx, it will be the best.

    yeah i saw some benchmarks comparing the 660 to the 560 ti and it completely destroys it.

    i'm gonna go ahead and get a 660 on newegg for 199.99 and a $20 rebate either way i would be paying the same amount and i do kinda like the green side xD
  6. Wise choice.
  7. +1 Green is good but this time you will keep keeping a little green in your wallet to by the sound ;)
  8. Yeah nvm i just found a 660 ti on newegg from pny for $230 with a $30 rebate CHECK! i'm going for that all the way!
  9. That's pretty good, $230 is a reasonable price for that card.
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