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Advice - AMD vs INTEL - Serverbuild

Last response: in Systems
February 11, 2013 3:35:02 PM

I'm looking for some advice for a serverbuild.

Price: 2000$
OS: Will be running ESXi
Usage: Webhosting, Gamehosting & VOiP hosting (Mubmle, ventrilo etc) and some experimenting.
Will not run that much gameservers at the same time, most likley 2-3 servers of what ever game I play for the moment.
Prefered website: Since I'm from Sweden, I don't mind what site you use, I just want advice & an idea of what to think on and what to avoid etc.
Additional comments: I don't care for what brands that are used, as long it's reliable & my only demand is that it has to be Power Efficient. Oh, it has to be Rackmounted!

I've been reading a bunch of stuff but it all comes down to AMD vs INTEL-Fanboys.
I want facts & a solution that fits my needs, not what's absolutley the best *** in the world :) 

Thank you for reading & Have a nice day =)
February 11, 2013 4:19:15 PM

ikes9711 said:
Well for a price you should really give one, server hardware can get really expansive really fast. Here is a link to the best server cpu's...

Well, for the fun of it, lets say 2k USD.
But then again, i did say it should fit my needs so doubt i will need a CPU for 3600 USD..