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So today I picked up an XFX 7770 in hope of running all 4 of my monitors at once.

The card has:
-2x DVI ports
-1x HDMI
-1x DisplayPort

How should I go about connecting the monitors to the graphics card to run all 4 at once?

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  1. You can't. End of story. You should have done research first. one of the DVI Ports shares the signal with the HDMI Ports. Monitors 3 and 4 must be connected via display port. You only have one display port, and there are no display port splitters on the market, so you can only connect 3 monitors. The third must use an active display port to DVI adapter
  2. The box says "Supports up to for monitors"

    Could I do this? DisplayPort to DVI and then use a DVI splitter?
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