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I'm building a new PC and I was hoping to be able to transfer my HDD with 7 I've been using now onto the new one without any issues or without having to reinstall the whole OS. Is it possible? Will the be any major issues if I install the motherboard drivers on it without a fresh install?

Those curious:
Old build: M2n-sli deluxe, 2gb ddr2, athlon x2 7850 black edition, gtx 650 2gb
New build: biostar A880gz, 8gb ddr3, Phenom ii x4 965, gtx 650 2gb

On another note; Is it a decent build for $200 range? Just going for gaming. No overclocking, video editing or anything.
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  1. If you have an OEM copy of win 7 then that is not possible . It is locked to the first motherboard it is activated on

    If you have a retail version its still difficult , and a clean install would be much simpler
  2. It's retail. I've tried it once before with no real issues [besides a bluescreen now and then but that was due to bad ram]. It was from this same motherboard now [the msi] to another one. Can't remember which.

    How problematic would it be? I don't have any msi specific drivers on here. Maybe ones from the board when you first boot up a clean desktop boot [the ones like plugging in a usb device] but none that are programs.

    I'm just asking for a short term to. A day or two so I can see if I gained anything or not. When I can; then I'll re-up windows 7 for that specific build. But until then, how bad could it be?
  3. you can try by cloning your OS to the new hard drive . Plug it in to your existing computer .
    Disconnect from your network and stay off line

    You can do this using Acronis free 30 day trial

    Once you have a complete clone disconnect the original drive , and then enter BIOS to check the new clone is set to be your boot drive .
    Then enter windows device manager and remove/uninstall all the motherboard and chipset drivers
    Turn the pc off at the wall . Do not reboot . Do not use windows to shut the PC down

    Swap the drive to the new build and there is a very small chance it will start , and you can then run the appropriate motherboard disk

    Honestly, a clean install is MUCH easier and you will have a better system . Use a nice transfer cable and windows files and setting transfer wizard to move everything
  4. The hassles of getting an old OS install working on a totally new build are greater than the hassles of reinstalling. Don't bother.
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