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OK, buying a reference designed GTX670.i would like a rating of their customer support/RMA process of the following companies.

MSI, EVGA, Galaxy,

personally i have not had a good time with MSI customer support.... they took about 2-3 weeks to send back a gtx560ti that i sent in. and list the length of the warranty if u can please.
please rate them out of 10 please :)

just to say again, im buying a reference card with a reference cooler.
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  1. Look at getting a sapphire 7970. But if you are absolutely convinced on the 670, go with EVGA. With my 560ti, they had really good phone support, not so much online. I needed to get my 560ti on a friday, or else I wouldn't have it for 2 more weeks. I said this to the guy on the phone and he made sure that it would ship that day so I could get it on friday. EVGA has the best phone support I think I have ever dealt with.
  2. I have the EVGA 2GB GTX 670 FTW and can personally tell you that I've had no problems with it AT ALL. I love it, especially because the FTW edition is built on the 680s PCB and has a 680 cooler on it. I installed a 680 backplate on it. It'll run anything i need it to and runs extremely cool, even caught it idling at 25C the other day(i have AS5 on it though)
  3. I've never had to deal with EVGA customer support as I've never had a problem with their cards. I had several fan blades break on my old 460 HAWK Talon attack and MSI wanted me to pay to get it fixed and wouldn't sell me the fans. I've never heard anything bad about EVGA's support though and have always heard of people having extremely positive experiences with EVGA's support.
  4. If you want reference, it's EVGA all the way... actually, it's EVGA if you don't want reference, too. Their Signature 2 is a bloody amazing card.

    But yeah, for reference, you want the FTW edition. (The real one - do a little research as to the differences.)
  5. ^+1, evga 670 ftw is your best choice.
    Yes, do not get the FTW le, get the FTW.
  6. Once again, look into getting a 7970, but EVGA is the best nvidia manufacturer.
  7. well it seems like everybody loves EVGA so ill check out all the "ftw" edition cards? theres like 7 different ftw on their website lol
  8. Should probably get one of these three
    Signature 2 Version
    Regular FTW edition (Or vanilla FTW as I would call it), I own this one
    And the 4GB edition
  9. is the signature 2 version a internal exhaust(exhaust inside case) or external exhaust(blow outside the case) cause i from what i see, the kepler produces really little heat compared the previous generation so you don't really need internal exhaust anymore
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    The one you linked on Amazon is a regular GTX 670 from EVGA, it has a GTX 670 PCB on it unlike the FTW edition which uses the PCB off a 680 and the corresponding cooler off of a reference 680. I used the 670 you listed for a while as I bought it for a friend and held on to it until he bought it off me, and despite it being clocked Lower than the FTW edition it still runs HOTTER than the FTW edition because it does not have the 680 cooler and PCB. The cooler on the FTW edition is bigger as it's made to cooler a stronger chip and the PCB is also bigger. Because the FTW edition uses a 680 PCB you can also put parts made for reference 680s onto it, for example I have a 680 backplate mounted onto my 670 ftw edition. These are just some of the less obvious differences, the FTW edition also is faster because it comes clocked much higher than the regular 670.
    Look at the pictures of the two cards at these links. If you look at the picture of the Backside of the cards you can see the difference in the size of the PCB.

    Also the signature is an internal exhaust card as opposed to the others which have external exhaust as they deploy blowers.
  11. oh so if i wanted to add a waterblock on it later or something, i can just grab a block for the reference 680 and it would fit?
  12. Yes, it's exactly the same as the 680 PCB, they discuss the 680 waterblocks and backplate on it here. Guy on page 3 even says he put a 680 block on his 670 FTW.
    And I can personally verify that the backplate does fit as well.
  13. ok 1 last question :D whats the difference between the FTW edition the FTW+ edition and the FTW LE Edition? when i look at it, the FTW+ has FTW written on it, Ftw doesnt.
  14. The FTW+ edition should come with a backplate on it.
  15. And I have the Regular FTW edition and it DOES have FTW written on it
  16. so theres no difference between FTW, FTW+, and FTW LE?
  17. No ther FTW LE is a lower clocked version of the FTW, typically they are chips that I don't think make it through all of the quality checks to be passed as a standard FTW. The + in the name denotes a backplate. If you look at the pictures of the backsides of the cards on newegg you'll notice the cards without a plus in the name don't have a backplate whereas the cards that do have a + in the name come with one. The reason I have a backplate on mine is because i bought a GTX 680 backplate seperately and mounted it myself since the FTW edition uses the 680s PCB. So my card actually says GTX 680 on the backside whereas the blower saws GTX 670 on it.
    FTW edition, no plus so no backplate
    FTW+ edition, has a plus and so it has a backplate
    FTW signature 2 edition, no plus no backplate
    Just as an example the Superclocked+ edition, it has a plus so it has a backplate

    Do not get the FTW LE, get either the FTW, the FTW+ or the FTW signature.
    Also, just thought i'd let you know that backplates look really sexy :P
  18. ok ill buy the regular FTW edition i guess :) thanx
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