USB 3.0 header problems.


I am building a PC and I am having a few problems with choosing case. My mobo has one USB 3.0 header and the case I am choosing has two front USB 3.0. Do I need two headers on the motherboard or not.



Thanks in advance.
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  1. No, the one front panel plug will feed both ports from a single MOBO header.
  2. most cases do two tricks with muilt port usb. 1. they splice two or more wires onto the same usb pins. 2. they use a small daughter card in the case or controler that goes from one usb port to two or three and a card reader.
  3. would it work with the case I have chosen.
  4. I think you are good to go, from the description "Both USB3.0 ports are connected via a 19-pin motherboard connecter and offer an alternative USB2.0 connecter to ensure backwards compatibility with older motherboards." I am assuming that means a single header plug.
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