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Can a Radeon 7350 easily drive a 1080p display?

December 27, 2012 1:49:00 AM

The title pretty much sums it up. I bought a computer a few weeks ago and I just built a new computer for gaming and it has a nice monitor (GPU has no problem running 1080p). As a result, this computer (mainly for media and content creation) needs a good monitor. However, the monitor I'm looking to purchase is 23" and full HD (1920x1080) with a 5 ms response time and 100M:1 contrast ratio. Mainly, the resolution is what worries me.

The GPU in question--Radeon 7350--is an OEM GPU and it's coupled with an AMD FX 8120 at 3.2 Ghz. Will the GPU run a full HD display such as this well? For some quick specs: 1 GB of GDDR5 RAM with a 128 bit interface, an 700 Mhz core clock (lower when idle), and I believe the memory clocks at 800 Mhz and 900 when it needs to be. I had it running a 1440x900 19" monitor smoothly with no problems.

As for the fluidity of the experience while running it, the monitor just needs to maintain 60hz so it can play-back video. Gaming really isn't a big deal, although I do play Chess Titans and Minecraft sometimes :p  For serious gaming, I just move to my gaming PC though... as a 7350 isn't really BF3/Crysis material.