Need Help Fast: Which PC should I get?

I'm about to buy a cheap pc from walmart, and i found 2 that i liked. theyr'e both for around the same price.

first choice: has amd a6-3620 2.2ghz apu + 4GB RAM

second choice: has amd a16-5400k 3.6GHz + 6GB RAM

so, the second choice is new, has better graphics, higher clockspeed, smaller build, windows 8 (i can downgrade to 7), more ram, etc. I'm kind of leaning towards that.

the first option is refurbrished and windows 7, but is quad core instead of dual.

this PC is mainly for my little brother who will be doing some light gaming at lower settings (due to lack of graphics muscle). I just want to pick the one which would deliver better framerates in games and is better overall. Which PC should i get?

thank you. need an answer fast.
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  1. Get the a6-5400k. They will both be average for general use. You can maybe get some gaming in on lowest settings. What is your budget, chances are you can build a more powerful system for less money.
  2. Thanks. I have my own rig. I'm sticking to a cheap prebuilt just for this one. i just wanted to know which apu is better (will give me better frames). i've tested the first gen apus, but i'm not really familliar with the second get ones. So you're saying that the second gen will get me better frames? Thanks for response. I'll just wait for a couple more responses before deciding. Thank you again.
  3. The graphics on those perform identically, so that is not a factor.

    Overall, the 3620 is faster counting full utilization of all cores, but with the faster individual cores, I think the 5400K might be faster in certain things that don't multithread well.

    However, I suspect most games will bottleneck on that lower end video card and the CPU speed/number of cores is probably not a factor.
  4. by the way, i'm have an HD 7770. will that work with the PCs above? im just gonna add it in there. the PSU of the PCs is 300w.
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