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Which 670?

Hey guys,

I opened a similar thread recently about the 670 vs the 7970 and I ended up going for the ASUS GTX 670 DC2T. But now, the store doesn't have the DC2T in stock, so which alternative should I go for. Normally I'd just jump to MSI Power Edition, but I read that MSI was caught overvolting the GPU somehow that ruined the life span of the card and the 12V rail might not be sufficient for the card. There's also the Windforce but people have been saying it's quite loud and the cooling ability is inferior to the DC2T and the Power Edition. Any thoughts?
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    Get the PE, after the problem was found they fixed it so it is within proper spec.
  2. Oh so they fixed it I see. Does the Power Edition have those blue LED lights? I heard that they do and they're kind of bugging me 'cause my PC is running Black-Green. But I mean, it's performance over aesthetics.
  3. I don't believe it has the blue LED lights. Those are on the back plate of some models.
    If you look at these pictures (I know you're not buying from here) you'll see the difference (just click on the picture and it'll bring up more and look at the back plate).
    670 PE-
    other card-
  4. Alright then, the Power Edition it is then. But just one last note, how about the Gigabyte edition, how is that?
  5. The gigabyte cards are also nice and possibly a bit quieter but at the same time don't have the same quality that MSI has and the OC is normally a bit lower. I bit better option I'd say if you want to keep noise down. Although if it's my buy I'd still get the MSI.
  6. Alright then, the MSI it is! Any other thoughts or things I should be aware of?
  7. Nothing else I can think of. In my opinion you're getting one of the best models of the 670 on the market.
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